Friday, 8 July 2011

Direct Marketing Campaign Planning – Getting the Message Right

At the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign is the marketing message; a message that has been carefully constructed so that it will deliver the greatest returns on marketing expenditure. Essentially there are three main processes needed when considering the message these are:


By now in the campaign the message has typically been developed although it is vital that it is refined if it is to be successful. Any message should first and foremost understand the challenges and problems facing the target audience and offer them a solution. Delivering this message should be from a strongly branded standpoint which aims to build trust with recipients from the outset. It is also worth considering using the segmented data, to refine messages for each segmented group so that the target audience receives the most relevant message to their needs. Finally, the message and physical content of the communication should ALWAYS include a call to action that will entice the recipient to respond.

Thinking, Feeling & Doing

Not only is it important to understand what the recipient is thinking feeling and doing as they receive the message but it is also important consider the objectives of the campaign in direct relation to these three actions. Fundamentally the marketing message should be created with these aspects in mind and specifically aim to direct the thoughts, feelings and actions of the audience.

Getting The Message Out There

The final element of the planning and creating the message is deciding how the message will be delivered to the audience. It is important to consider than different communications mediums will require adjustment to the way in which the marketing is presented. For example a direct mail message will differ from email marketing and telemarketing.

However, whilst it is vital to consider the different communications mediums; in today’s campaigns it is integrated campaigns, which take advantage of a multichannel approach which will return the largest rewards.

The message is at the core of your direct marketing campaign and requires a great deal of thought. This planning, which should take into account the communication channels, segments of data and audience profiles, if completed effectively will result in a message that is targeted, focussed towards the needs of the audience and subsequently has the greatest opportunity of success.

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