Monday, 28 February 2011

Why Data Management is Vital to Customer Insight

With the benefits of effective customer insight studied at length and the importance of understanding the integral role played by data analysis activities presented; it is also vital to understand that how you manage your data is an important business decision.

Data management is one of the more utilitarian aspects of customer insight, concerned with actual design, development and hosting of databases. Ultimately, well managed data can be analysed as efficiently as possible and as such, data management tools form the building blocks of improved customer relationships, better business strategy and overall, enhanced performance.

Essentially, after a range of different customer insight activities have returned reams of information, a place in which to store, manage and analyse the data is needed, this is where data management tools offer a very real and extremely useful resource.

Typically data management tools will utilise relevant technologies in order to deliver the greatest amount of added benefit to the client. Functionality which grants efficient and effective access whilst allowing sets of data to be fully understood should always form the backbone of any data management service.

Data management tools may also incorporate the physical hosting and maintenance of databases. Frequently referred to as data warehousing, anyone looking to utilise such resources should note the inclusion of secure access features, efficient search and query functions and also the practical application of data management principles.

If a company is to make the most of its customer insight activities it can be worthwhile to obtain an integrated solution from a single service provider; one that offers a strategy for obtaining insight, demonstrates how data will be effectively stored and finally can provide systems to break down data so that it can be analysed.

Ultimately the foundations of effective customer insight can be found within the right data management tool set; if the choice of services is correct, a company is given the greatest opportunity to benefit from customer insight activities.

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Matthew said...

Data runs a business. It's what keeps a business alive. If it's improperly managed, the business might break down. Managing data is easy with the use of technology, as the complexity of data can be lessened.

Matthew Engquist