Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The winning formulae for a successful contact centre

We would like to think all our contact centres are successful. It’s about having that winning formula that EWA uses and tailoring it around the client’s specific product and again the use of appropriate language, using clear and concise messages.

It’s also about holding a conversation with customers so they don’t feel you are following a script. It’s also about taking responsibility and ownership of the customer’s problem, and delivering at the right pace with clear consistent messaging.

Some of our successful contact centres included the Department of Health, where the contact centre can have very difficult calls to handle. Its messages need to be delivered with empathy rather than sympathy, which is where EWA can provide expertise.

Getting the right people for a successful contact centre to run like clock work is also part of the winning formula. We can give basic phone training, a lot of product training, but we also have to give people the freedom to convey their personality during the communication to the customer. An individual also needs to be confident in dealing with calls in the contact centre. It’s about product matching too. If you work in our adidas contact centre for example you have to have an interest in sport or it’s never going to work for the caller because you are not going to be able to talk knowledgeably and confidently about the products.

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