Tuesday, 12 August 2008

How do I source a contact centre?

Any company needs to ask themselves what they would like to get out of using a contact centre. Here are some questions companies have to ask themselves when finding the right contact centre supplier.

• What type of service do you want to offer your customer?

• Do you want a very quick, automated sign posting service, where people can find out information on their own?

• Do you want it to be made available for out of business hours?

• Is the call being made to the end customer or is it to a business to business customer?

• Would your customers prefer to use a free phone number or a local phone number?

• Do you know customers that have recommended other companies?

• Have you done any mystery shopping?

• Have you looked at who’s around?

• Does the contact centre belong to a professional membership? Contact centres that belong to the Contact Centre Association are worth investigating.

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